STARLIGHT MEDIA INSTITUTE is registered and approved by the federal government of Nigeria as an educational institute  under the registration number RC 1080301 which enabled the institution to award recognized certificate that is acceptable throughout the country.

Moreover, SMI is also listed by the Audio Engineering Society Educational Directory as an Audio Engineering School in Nigeria.

This is a school that teaches students to become professional audio engineer with certificate that is fully recognized both in Nigeria and all over the world. Our audio engineering courses provides an in-depth knowledge into the operational and technical aspects of audio.

The expertise of a audio engineer is required for a diverse range of projects including the recording and reproduction of music and sound, sound effects and dialogue. All of these skills are required in the fields of film, television, radio, theater, corporate functions, and promotions and of course in music.

Program Outcomes

At the end of the training programme, candidates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to teach the principles of audio engineering
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to produce professionals for the sound and audio     engineering industry
  • Explore new techniques in audio engineering by using the latest audio equipment and sound recording software
  • Identify sound engineering industry-related problems and find possible solutions
  • Use different audio editing software applications
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of music theory, instrument    recognition, and their applications to audio engineering
  • Communicate effectively in a business environment
  • Demonstrate knowledge of live sound skills, broadcast audio journalism, location recording for films and movies, and audio research and project management.





  1. Introduction to Audio Engineering
  2. Auditory Perception, Acoustic and Psycho-acoustics
  3. Nature and Characteristics of Sound wave
  4. Digital Audio Technology
  5. Microphone Design and Construction Properties
  6. Mixing Console Anatomy and Operational Procedures


  1. Equalizers and Equalization Techniques
  2. Dynamic Processing procedures
  3. Loudspeakers and Monitor Systems
  4. Live Sound System Principles and Components
  5. Music Production Technology (DAW System)
  6. Broadcast Audio Production for Films and Television.


  1. Microphone Selection and Usage Techniques
  2. Recording, Mixing and Mastering Procedures
  3. Audio Equipment Interconnections and Impedance matching
  4. Understanding Audio Equipment Specifications
  5. Sound Quality Evaluation Skill Development
  6. Recording Project in Audio Engineering


COURSE FEE. ₦300,000


Entry Qualifications

Interested candidates for the ONLINE COURSE  must have the following requirements:

A minimum of SSCE certificate or equivalents with at least a Pass in English Language

Must have at least a minimum of 3 years working experience in the audio industry ( evidence of audio productions and work experiences must be produced).

A Studio ownership or access to Studio gears will be an advantage for projects and practicals

Access to  Live Sound Equipment and Venue will also be an added advantage for same reasons.

All candidates will be given an oral interview to produce a suitable evidence based on years of experience and a reasonable chance of success in the program.

Accessibility to online learning devices like email address and internet connection for lectures.


The mode of study will be by receiving lecture notes through email and attending classes ONLINE twice a week for lectures and interactive tutorial sessions.

The duration for the course will be approximately 8 months  only.

This course is only available for a maximum of 10 candidates per session.

Registration Forms are now available for all these courses starting from September 2020 Hurry now, for few places are available.

Forms are ₦5,500 only.

Payable into the School Current Account

Starlight Media Institute

GTBank Current Account number 0127486911

Sort Code 058152337.

For further information and to register for the online course call any of the following numbers

08036333163, 08023557591. or send email to