SMI – Terms and Conditions for the Enrolment of Students

Application and Registration Fee

  1. The Student submitting the Application is applying admission to the program me.
  2. SMI charges a registration free as per its published fee schedule (which may be subject to change from time to time). The registration fee becomes due at the time of submitting the Application.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, the registration fee relates to the specific program me that the student has applied for.
  4. SMI will only process an Application once the registration fee has been paid in full.
  5. If SMI cannot accept the Application the registration fee will be refunded less an administration charges of 10% of the registration fee.
  6. If the student withdraw due to reason beyond their control, including, but limited to a refused study visa application or for medical reasons, the registration fee will be refunded less an administration charges 25% of the registration fee the student will be required to provide supporting
    evidence for the refund claim.
  7. If the student withdraws within 14 days of the date of the enrollment confirmation letter the registration fee will be refunded less an administration charge of 10% of the registration fee.
  8. At the time of submitting the application the student agrees to enter into a contract with SMI for the provision of the program me subject to SMI accepting the Application.
    Course Fee
  9. SMI charges fees for the provision of the programme and for Course Materials.
  10. Fees are charge for the duration of the Enrolment, If the student is enrolled for less than the full duration of the programme, fees are calculated pro-rata.
  11. The student agrees to pay fees in accordance with the fee schedule published from time to time and the course fee statement issued to the student from time to time.
  12. Failure to meet payment obligation by their due dates may lead to restricted access to classes and facilities and any other sanctions that SMI deems appropriate.
  13. If the Student’s fee payment is overdue, the student agrees to pay a reasonable administration charge.
  14. If fee payments are overdue by more than 30 days, SMI may terminate the Enrolment and instruct a debt collection agency. The Student is liable for fee incurred by SMI for debt collection.
  15. SMI reserves the right to alter fee schedules from time to time prior to the programme commencement. The fee schedule valid at the time Enrolment applies to the Student Enrolment.
  16. SMI is able to accept fee payments from third parties such as sponsors, funding agencies or loan provides on behalf of the student. In such cases the student remains primarily liable for the course fees.
  17. Overpayment resulting in credit balances will be refunded to the student upon request minus any future fees falling due for the remaining duration of the program me.
  18. The Student is liable for any bank charges incurred by SMI for refund payments, These charges are deducted prior to the transfer being made and the student receives payment net of bank charges.
  19. Fees are not transferable to any other student under any circumstances.
  20. The student has the right to terminate the Enrolment on the last day of each month of a program me by giving SMI a minimum of 4 weeks written notice, The student remains liable for course fees incurred between the date of giving such notice and its effective date and will not qualify for any refund of course fees paid prior to the effective date of termination.
  21. For written notice of termination to be effective, the student must complete and submit to SMI the ”Notice of Termination.
  22. For the avoidance of doubt, non-attendance at program me activities such as lectures does not constitute or replace a notice termination.
  23. SMI reserves the right to terminate the student Enrolment on disciplinary grounds or for academic reasons overdue course fees or unsatisfactory attendance at Programmed.
  24. The student may discontinue studies in order to reply to SMI to recommence the programme at a later date subject to the following Recommencement is at the discretion of SMI and subject to the
    availability of a place. The date of recommencement subject to negotiation between SMI and the Student but shall be decided at SMI’s sole discretion.
  25. If the student wishes to apply for a deferral then he/she must comply with the notice provisions detained in points – above as if he/she was terminating the Enrolment. However, upon recommencement the Student’s account is credited with course fees charged after the student last attendance.
  26. Academic and financial credit remains valid for a period of up to five years.
    Programme Delivery
  27. SMI may alter program me contents as it deems appropriate from time to time to ensure validity and industry relevance of the programme.
  28. SMI provides the Student with access to practical facilities as a core element of the program me. The Student is responsible for attending sufficient amounts of practical time in accordance with SMI
    arrangement for the scheduling of practical time.
  29. SMI may alter arrangement for the access to practical facilities from time to time including changes to opening times. In particular, SMI may be required from time to time to change pre-arrange practical time for reasons of maintenance.
  30. The Student is a responsible for using practical facilities with all due skill and care and in accordance with instructions given by SMI’s teaching and technical staff.
  31. SMI is liable for damage to or loss of equipment during his/her use caused by the Student’s failure to exercise reasonable skill and care.
  32. SMI reserves the right to alter the program me venue location within reason, subject to giving appropriate notice.
  33. SMI will not be liable to fulfill any services to which it was contractually bound because of reasons beyond its control.
  34. SMI reserves the right to cancel programmes at short notice due to lack of demand.
    Data Protection
  35. Personal information collected from and about the student will be used for the purpose of delivering the programmer.
  36. SMI will also use the students contact details to provide information relating to the Program me.
  37. SMI reserves the right to publish the student name in for the purpose of showcasing Student work and communicating alumni success.
  38. Any works and intellectual property created by the Student in relation to the program me remains the Student’s property.
  39. The Student that SMI may use such works and intellectual property for promotion purposes without incurring any liabilities for licensing fees or other compensation, The Student may opt out thus provision by notifying SMI in writing.
  40. Works and intellectual property created by the Student using SMI’s facilities must not be released for commercial gain due to restrictive educational software licenses and due to SMI’s policy of proving facilities for education use only. Any exceptions must be agreed by SMI in writing.
  41. SMI institute reserves the right to amend these Terms and condition from time to time without notice.